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Little Bear wants a friend.  Okay, I admit it, I want another dog and I’d like Little Bear to have a friend, but I’m sure if he could speak in a language we could understand he’d say the same thing. 

Now being an only child, there’s a distinct possibility that I’m projecting.  But I know my dog.  In the same way that I know the difference between a ‘It’s about time you got up’ and ‘I seriously need a wee’ barks, I know that he misses the company of other dogs. 

To see him slumped on the coach after returning from the dog sitters or after waving goodbye to a friends’ dog after a visit, really pulls on my heartstrings.  There’s a marked change in his body language and he just looks down in the dumps.  

Last week after a particularly fun afternoon playing in the garden with Collie pals Molly and Mickey he spent most of the evening on my lap, wasn’t interested in playing and wasn’t too fussed on his dinner.

When he has company he’s like a different dog.  It’s like a light comes on. He’s transformed into a wagging, bouncing, gambolling clown intent on having as much fun as he possibly can.  His face softens, his tongue lolls and he just feels happier. 

Now some dogs are more playful than others.  His Westie pals for instance are great fun but after a few minutes are off sniffing much to his frustration.  Molly is great for a chase session and will happily round him up and have a bit of rough and tumble.  Archie, his young CockerPoo pal is a bit timid on times and needs more supervised playtime for fear that LB will wear him out or simply get on his nerves – bless him he once jumped on our coffee table to get a time out from LB’s insatiable appetite for the ‘chase me!’ game.  But of all his pals it’s probably Poppy who takes the endurance prize for playtime. 

Poppy is our friends Chocolate Lab.  She was the first dog he met as a pup and she half terrified him at the time, bowling him over enthusiastically and sending him scurrying behind my legs.  That didn’t put him off for long though and they’re now firm friends.

Unfortunately we live around seventy miles away but the dogs fall into the same pattern every time they meet.  After an enthusiastic and speedy re-acquainting they moraude around the house playing chase and then roll around on the living room floor.

There’s sometimes the occasional squeak from LB; usually the result of a mis-placed Poppy paw on his tail, but in the seconds it’ takes me to put my coffee down on the kitchen table and walk five steps to investigate they’re back to playing; LB on his hind legs coaxing Poppy to chase him by licking her face or ears. 

There’s normally a quick time out for a drink (and a soaking of the kitchen floor in the process), but then they take up their positions again until tongues are lolling and we have two very contented looking dogs.

So, it’s with this in mind that we’re looking into the possibility of getting LB a friend.   I doubt we’ll find another Poppy as she’s pretty special but I’m crossing fingers and toes that if we take our time we might be able to find a new member of the family that can put a smile on all our faces.  Let the search begin!

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