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Little Bear the dog snoozing

Little Bear snoozing

The good news is that after frightening us all half to death, Little Bear is making a good recovery. A third X-ray on Saturday revealed that things were moving as they should be through his intestine which rules out any kind of obstruction and as he was eating and generally brighter he was allowed home on Saturday afternoon!

He’s not yet back to his old self, but compared to the pitiful little dog we took to the emergency vet on Wednesday night, he’s miles better.  We took him on a short walk yesterday evening and although he enjoyed his runabout, he abruptly ran out of steam meaning I had to carry him part of the way home.  I swear I started off carrying a Mini Schnauzer and ended up with a Newfoundland by the time I reached the front door!

He’s still taking antibiotics and has easy to digest prescription food until we get the results of the blood work back in a few days. So we’re taking it easy, letting him sleep as much as possible and generally just keeping an eye on him. The most important thing is that he’s here, he’s well and he’s getting better by the day.

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Poorly Bear


Little Bear is still at the vets. His second night after an early hours dash to the emergency service yesterday.

We picked him up at 7.30am to transfer him to our regular vet. He managed a few wags when he saw me but was very subdued and wobbly.

At midday the vet said he was lethargic, depressed and refusing food. X-ray showed a large body of gas has moved through the gut from last night which is good news and even better, he doesn’t seem to think its pancreatitis, although we’ll need to wait for the blood results.

What we still don’t have though is an explanation for what did cause the vomiting, diarrhoea and severe abdominal pain. More X-rays tomorrow will hopefully shed a little more light.

He perked up in time for my visit at 3pm and decided to eat on condition I fed it to him by hand 🙂

He’s still a very poorly pup but I’m hoping tomorrow will bring more good news.

Night night my Little Bear. Mamma loves you. Xxx

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Little Bear is at the emergency vet. It’s 2am and we’re waiting for them to call with news.

I took him to our regular vet this evening because of a bout of sickness and diarrhoea and he was due back in the morning for an X-ray.

He deteriorated this evening though and developed acute abdominal pain.

Handing him over to be admitted was just awful, but at least they’ll be able to make him feel more comfortable and run tests to work out what’s wrong.

I feel sick to my core waiting for the phone to ring.

Please send prayers for my Little Bear.


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