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T-Touch Bear

Chilled out Bear

A few weeks ago, Little Bear got a haircut. We’d had a couple of hot days in between the torrential downpours that I’m really hoping don’t end up defining our summer and I’d decided to clip him myself.  The best I can say about it is that it was quirky, if you like the tufty look and didn’t notice the bald patch on his left bum cheek. Ooops!

I called the groomer and asked for some remedial help, before he became the laughing-stock of the neighbourhood.

The proper haircut (as opposed to my pitiful effort!) seemed to have a profound effect on him as the next day he was like a thing possessed. His usual routine of napping most of the day between walks and then playing around dinner time vanished and he just zoomed around the house like a toddler on e-numbers.

Working from home is a dream, but not when you’re on a deadline and have a hyper Mini Schnauzer bringing you half of his toy box and whining at you to play all afternoon.  I had to bribe him more than once with a peanut butter kong so that I could lock them in the kitchen just to get some work done. Annie was thrilled by this of course, she always loves a freebie.

Slightly baffled by the new joie da vie, I put it down to his new haircut, thinking maybe he felt a little cooler and this was the reason he was suddenly so much more playful and full of fun.

The penny drops

On Saturday, we took him for his second T-Touch session. He loves the therapist and was obviously extremely excited to be back in the treatment room.  We were half way through the session when Toni commented on his smart new haircut and  suddenly the penny dropped. The day before his haircut, he’d had his first T-Touch session!

So for weeks I’d been putting his new zest for life down to his haircut, even though he’s never reacted like that before, while completely forgetting about the T-Touch. And that wasn’t just doing Toni out of her great work, but my home spun efforts as I practiced the touches with him too.

I’m going to blame my hectic life for that bout of amnesia or perhaps it was a practice run at a senior moment. Either way, der!

On a serious note, the T-Touch is certainly helping. Little Bear has always loved cuddles and he’s responding well to the touches, particularly the ear rub and the Springbok, both of which are easy to do and very handy when walking a reactive dog.

I use them to help calm him if we see another dog in the distance or if something’s frightened him, to get him back to a calm state.  A couple of times in the park this week he’s rubbed his side against my leg and then stood while I practice the touches; it’s as close to actually asking as he can get I think!

He’s still a lot more playful than he was, but seems more chilled at home too. He’s ever the lap dog but even that seems to have increased of late. Now that I know to look for it, I’ll keep a closer eye for any more changes and as a haircut is still a month away, I shouldn’t get confused this time!

More details about T-Touch in the UK can be found here

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