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Don’t cook your dog

Don't Cook Your Dog

Don't Cook Your Dog

Despite the fact that I’m writing this huddled in a woolly cardigan, it is, technically the height of summer in the UK.  The weather doesn’t seem to have a clue what it’s doing at the moment so when walking the dogs there are two things you can be certain of: you’re going to get wet and at some point en route, you’ll have to tie your coat around your waist to save yourself from melting.

We complain about it, such is the national tradition, as if a stiff letter to an MP could have the matter sorted out in a jiffy, but we’re all resigned to the fact that it’s just weather and we just have to get on with it.

Dogs die in hot cars

You’d think we Brits would be an adaptable lot as a result, but just last month yet another police officer let his dogs, one a young puppy, bake to death in his locked, unventilated police van. The story hit just about every front page national newspaper in the country and yet just a few days later, my friend found a small Yorkshire Terrier, locked in a car in a supermarket car park with the window open just an inch (he survived by the way – just!) Which begs the question, why isn’t this message getting through?

Dogs aren’t able to sweat like us, because, hey, surprise surprise, they’re covered in fur. That leaves them their paws and mouths as their only means of venting excess heat. Pop them in a car, which is effectively a roasting dish and even with all of the windows open wide, temperatures can soar rapidly even during weather like this. Your dog’s temperature only needs to rise by 5-7 degrees above normal for them to get brain damage. What they’d suffer on the way is beyond thinking about.

So, please, if it’s hot and sunny or even wet but warm and muggy like today, never, ever, EVER leave your dog in the car – even for a minute. You never know if you’re going to get held up, plus, with dog thefts from cars on the rise do you really want to take the risk?

Don’t get mad get motivated!

Dog’s Today is running an excellent campaign called ‘Don’t cook your dog’.  Do check out the blog where you can download posters, order car stickers and get Facebook avatars. I’ll be ordering car stickers for our cars and for friends and family and I’ll be printing and distributing posters in our local shops. Please help spread the word and who knows, maybe it could just save a life. x

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