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Wobegone Bear

Just a short post to update after our return from Wiltshire.  LB has a new moniker – Wobegone Bear.

In stark contrast to his 6.30 am starts at the B&B and his skipping around the place waiting for a walk with Silver, he stayed in bed till 10am and has the sulkiest look on his little face. 

We’ve aped around, thrown balls, squeaked squeakers and generally made fools of ourselves but it’s raised only what can be described as a polite wag. He even left some of his dinner.

He perked up a little after a long walk and a chance to paddle in the ford but anthropomorphising or not, he doesn’t look half as perky as he did when we were away.  Maybe it is time to find him a friend…

Little Bear on sofa with his teddy

Little Bear

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