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Agility Bear

Little Bear amazed me today.  Truly, seriously amazed me.

He had his first agility lesson, a one to one with an excellent instructor recommended to me by a lovely lady I met on my practical dog handling course the other week.

I’ve often thought about agility but because LB gets so stressed in a class environment I’d sort of ruled it out. It simply hadn’t occurred to me that we could do a one to one session.

So, loaded up with treats galore and his favourite toys we headed off to the agility field this afternoon. When I booked it I’d told our instructor Dave that he was a bit of a nervous Nelly and that although he’d done the tunnel in obedience class I wasn’t sure about what else he’d do.

Imagine my surprise when an hour later he’d happily completed three of the most challenging bits of equipment on the field!

At the end of the session Dave said ‘It’s really unusual for a dog, especially such a little one to do the A Frame, See Saw and Walkway on his first go. He’s a natural.’  He also added ‘So where’s this nervous dog you told me about then?’

The best bit was that LB looked so happy. So animated and excited and proud of himself – and boy did he have every right to be!

Of course I then spent the afternoon figuring out how to cut the footage that Other Half shot of our adventure into a little video.

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